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High Current Air Circuit Breakers
Masterpact NT Circuit-Breakers from 630 to 1600 A
Masterpact NT - NW Navy High current air circuit breakers 630 to 4000A
Masterpact NT/NW UL 489 listed Circuit-Breakers from 800 to 5000 A
Masterpact NW Circuit-Breakers from 800 to 6300 A
Masterpact UR Ultra Rapid Circuit breakers 5000 and 6000A
LV Switches
Compact NS switches-disconnectors Switch-disconnectors with free tripping 80 to 3200 A
Interpact INS/INV switches 40 to 2500 A switch-disconnectors
Masterpact Switch-disconnectors High current switch-disconnectors from 630 A to 6300 A
Miniature Circuit Breakers
C120 High performance miniature circuit breakers up to 125A
C60 UL/CSA/IEC Miniature circuit-breakers up to 63 A - North American standards
C60H-DC Miniature circuit-breaker for DC
C60PV DC, C60NA DC, SW60 DC Protection for photovoltaic installation
DPN Vigi RCCB with overcurrent protection
GFP UL/IEC Ground Fault Protector 100 A - North american standards
iC60 Miniature Circuit Breakers up to 63A
ID-RCCB Residual current circuit breakers up to 125A
NG125 High performance miniature circuit breakers up to 125A
NG160 Circuit-breakers up to 160A
Optional auxiliaries for NG125 Auxiliaries for MCBs & RCDs
RED Automatic recloser for earth leakage protection
Vigi for C120 Add-on RCD
Vigi for C60 Add-on RCD
Vigi for NG125 Add-on RCD
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Compact NS Circuit-breakers from 15 to 630A
Compact NS > 630A Circuit-breakers from 630 to 3200A
Compact NSF/NSJ Circuit -Breakers 100 to 600A - UL489 listed
Compact NSX Circuit-breakers from 100 to 630A
EasyPact Circuit-Breakers from 15 to 400 A
Micrologic Control units for Compact NS > 630A and Masterpact NT/NW
Motor Circuit Breakers & Switches
Compact NS80H MA Circuit-Breakers for motor protection up to 37 kW
iC60 L-MA Motor starter protection up to 40A
NG125L-MA Motor starter circuit-breaker up to 125A TeSys GV2-ME
P25M Motor circuit-breaker up to 25A
TeSys GV2 Circuit breakers 0,37 kW to 15 kW
TeSys GV2-ME Thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers
TeSys GV3 Circuit breakers up to 30 kW
TeSys GV7 Circuit breakers up to 110 kW
TeSys Vario, Mini-Vario Enclosed DOL starters, safety switch disconnectors, thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers
Source Changeover Switches
Compact and Masterpact Transfer switch equipment from 40 to 6300 A