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Boxes for walls & ceilings
Multifix Air Flush-mounted airtight boxes
Multifix Plus Flush-mounted boxes for hollow and brick walls, as well as ceilings
Control Station
Harmony XAC Pendant control stations
Harmony XALD, XALK Plastic control stations, for Harmony XB5
Harmony XALE Plastic control stations Optimum, for Harmony XB7
Harmony XALF Lift inspection stations Application
Harmony XALG Plastic control station enclosures for severe environments, for Harmony XB5
Harmony XAM, XAP Metal enclosures, for Harmony XB4
Harmony XAW ATEX D Complete stations metal or plastic, for explosive atmospheres
AS-Interface AS-Interface cabling solutions
AS-Interface "Safety at work" AS-Interface monitors and interfaces
Zelio Analog Analog converters
Panel Building Accessories
Profil Front panels with signaling units
Pre-wiring System
Advantys Telefast ABE 7 Pre-wired system
Telefast ABE 9 IP67 passive splitters
Tesys Quickfit Installation system assistance for motor-starters
Terminal Blocks
AB1 Terminal blocks
DZ5, AZ5, AR1, AT1 Cable-ends