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Electronic Over Current Relays
TeSys LR97D Electronic over current relays 0,3 A to 38 A
TeSys LT47 Electronic over current relays 0,5 A to 60 A
Modular Contactors
CT Modular contactors
Motor Contactors
TeSys B Bar contactors up to 900 kW
TeSys D Contactors 0,06 kW to 75 kW
TeSys F Contactors 55 kW to 450 kW
TeSys K Contactors 0,06 kW to 5,5 kW
Protection Relays
Sepam 100 Additional control and protection relays
Sepam 3-winding differential protection Protection relays for protection of networks and HV/MV substations
Sepam serie 10 Protection relays for basic applications
Sepam serie 20 Protection relays for usual applications
Sepam serie 40 Protection relays for demanding applications
Sepam serie 80 Protection relays for custom applications
TeSys LUTM Controllers Tesys U up to 450 kW
Tesys T Motor management system
Vigirex RH10MP-RH21MP-RH99MP-RH197-RHU Residual current relays and toroids
Thermal Relays
TeSys LR2 k Thermal relays 0,06 kW to 5,5 kW
TeSys LR9 Electronic thermal relays 18,5 kW to 315 kW
TeSys LRD Thermal relays 0,06 kW to 75 kW
TeSys LT3 Thermistor protectionl relays